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links for 2007-02-25

evidence that I have finally jumped the shark Blizzard is the new Che. Totally getting one of these. (tags: chrisblizzard blizzard gnome monty)

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links for 2007-02-22

Sex text sinks the loveless Lib “Peter’s immediate response was: ‘call the executive and disendorse the candidate’.” — If the NSW Libs win government later this month, Debnam’s election-mode trigger finger might come back to haunt him. (tags: peterdebnam nsw … Continue reading

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Cheney in Sydney

“[The Premier of New South Wales] said state firearms regulations had been amended to allow Mr Cheney’s US Secret Service bodyguards to carry firearms during the visit because the vice president’s security was of paramount concern.” — Protesters warned over … Continue reading

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QoTD: Dave Camp

“I think Apple taught us what percentage of people choose rhetoric over working sound.” — Dave Camp on “Just Works” Dave Camp, Super Geniusby Peter Teichman

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QoTD: Strongbad

“Guy wouldn’t know majesty if it came up and bit him in the face.” — Strongbad, Trogdor the Burninator An oldie but a goodie, but then, there are way too many quoteables in this toon.

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links for 2007-02-13

Kevin Rudd attacks Aussie Prime Minister John Howard over Obama remarks Kevin Rudd! On Crooks and Liars! I used to enjoy interviews with Rudd on Lateline, but since he took the Labor leadership, he has demonstrated just how well he … Continue reading

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Glynn runs for OGB

“I have never built my own kernel.” — Glynn Foster, The Face of Sun Microsystems There’s a story behind my nickname for Glynn, which goes back to Sun’s first steps into the GNOME community. Even though a few Sun folks … Continue reading

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Good Work

I bumped into an ex-girlfriend’s father the other week. With him was said ex-girlfriend’s fiance, who I hadn’t met. Nor was I aware anyone had acquired this status. Anyway, during introductions as this fact was revealed, I said, “Oh, good … Continue reading

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I’m really enjoying the new camera. Of course, that means Pia isn’t enjoying me enjoying the new camera! But she can’t be too upset, with beautiful pictures like these. 🙂

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links for 2007-02-08

Thrifty speeds up IT revolution “We have had a very good experience with Linux and open source and are looking to assess it more this year in terms of CRM and our intranet.” — Not just a success story, but … Continue reading

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