Three sleeps to go!

Earlier this afternoon, I waved goodbye to a very heavily packed three tonne truck carrying pretty much all of our 2007 gear to UNSW, a striking image marking the end of our planning and preparation phase. Now it’s for real!

Over this weekend the Seven Team and our merry band of helpers will be bumping in and cranking over to conference mode. To those of you already here in Sydney, have a fantastic and restful weekend. If you’re still travelling or yet to leave, have a safe and comfortable journey. We’ll have everything ready for you when you get here. 🙂

See you all bright and early on Monday morning for the official conference opening.


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3 Responses to Three sleeps to go!

  1. As Puppy Linux is the worlds fastest live CD and one of the smallest downloads why wasn’t Barry Kauler
    invited over to address this conferance or is it just a snub to as far as I know the only OZ distro..main releases
    for 2006..Seven.
    Regards Chris

  2. Glynn says:

    Good luck for Monday! Can’t wait to be there!

  3. jdub says:


    Barry Kauler didn’t put a talk proposal in at all, and of the ones we did get, keep in mind that we accepted about 85 talks from over 300 submissions.

    Can’t snub someone who doesn’t front. Particularly facing that kind of demand.

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