links for 2006-12-13

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  1. John Stowers says:

    Security failures aside…

    There is an interesting article in this weeks new scientist which discusses the relative risk to the general population of a (semi)widespread attempt at using plonium poisoning compared with the low-tech approach of a dirty bomb.

    Summary: Be more worried about the low-tech (dirty bomb) approach then the high-tech bond-ala-kgb polonium approach

  2. Kevin Mark says:

    I was thinking of the exact same thing. Various guys went through the ‘all seeing’ scanners with nary a peep. They only had the plastic baggy of ‘dangerous’ liquid. And did it many times. They brought radioactive items unknown times to unknown places accross countries and through the streets. This was a real emergency! Who responded to it? nobody! great job! This makes me feel safer already 🙂 Will someone tell how none of the devices that are being used for security are not able to detect radioactivity? What are we paying billions for?

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