links for 2006-12-08

  • I keep hearing it: “Mugshot is becoming useful!” … and it really is. It’s pretty cool to see the online footprints of your friends in aggregate — it’s like a very sexy portrait Planet. I would totally put the widget on my blog… if it were not Flash.
  • “Mylo is primarily a portable media device that can access the Internet and the 770 is an Internet device that can play back media. Mylo gets the edge for portability and polish while the 770’s Bluetooth capabilities greatly improve its connectivity.”
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2 Responses to links for 2006-12-08

  1. Kevin Otte says:

    I don’t quite get what Red Hat is up to with Mugshot. They are (or at least once were) a company who espouses openness of source and protocol, yet they have chosen to use AIM instead of Jabber/GTalk and the closed source Flash for their badges. What did I miss?

  2. jdub says:

    They’re building bridges.

    AIM is an important bridge to build because there’s a heck of a lot of people behind it, and it’s relatively easy compared to the others. Jabber doesn’t have the same, uh, ROI. 🙂

    They’re building a Javascript version of the badge thingy. I imagine Flash was just simpler to start with.

    Remember that Mugshot is quite a different world. Intentionally so.

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