Revealing our first keynote… ROCK!

48 days to go.

  1. We’ve been leaping out of our skins to reveal our first keynote speaker, and now we can! He’s a scholar and a gentleman, and leads a double life as a kernel hacker extraordinaire. Without this man, we may have missed an entire generation of kernel hackers, and certainly wouldn’t have had a penguin to go with our GNU — that’s right… We’re going to make you click through to find out who! 🙂

  2. The 2007 programme has been updated with all the gory details about each and every session and speaker. You will also find updated information about our miniconfs, and lots of extra-curricular activities before and after the conference. It’s going to be an EXTREMELY busy week… ROCK!

  3. We’ve already swept through the HALFWAY POINT for registrations! Please register as soon as possible to guarantee your spot at, particularly if you’d like stay at the on-site accomodation or bring your friends or partner to the official conference dinner. Despite growing the conference, places ARE limited. We are now accepting credit card payments on the website, so there’s no reason to delay! Aside from procrastination. But there’s not a lot of time or space left for that either. 🙂

If you want to keep track of all the rocking stuff happening in the lead-up to the conference, subscribe to the announcements mailing list, and the Seven team’s Atom or RSS feeds.

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2 Responses to Revealing our first keynote… ROCK!

  1. Quinn says:

    Clickthrough *and* a TinyURL? That’s just evil.

  2. Mary says:

    I’d just like to note that I have such a short attention span that I click on that link, go surf somewhere else while it loads up, and then go back in half an hour and think “why is a -i—e-i- page for —r– —e-b-u- open, wtf?” and then later come back to your entry and thinking “hrm, why haven’t I checked who the keynote speaker is?”

    In other words, no fair.

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