Yesterday afternoon, I paced around a bit, furrowed my brow, scratched my chin, massaged my temples, and pressed the big red button. The first round of CFP talk and tutorial feedback emails hit the streets, with 77 positives, 16 backups and 183 negatives.

It was hard reading through the test logs, looking at the people and topics we had to decline. I was sorely tempted to sprinkle a few buglets into smackdown (the shell script equivalent of a plunger detonator), to accept a bunch of the really good talks we didn’t have room for. Turns out I sent rejection emails to all of the miniconf organisers, who were already given notice, positive and negative, a couple of weeks ago. Oops. We sorted it out in post. 😉

Last night we mapped out the first — and possibly last! — draft of the schedule. We still have to get feedback from the review team, but aside from adapting to change as it’s thrust upon us, the programme looks good to go. But you’re still gonna have to wait for it!

Jaq, being a total rocktease, has put up some blurry camera phone pictures of the programme. So unless you have Movie OS image enhancement software, you’ll just have to suffer in your jocks!

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  1. Mary says:

    So basically it was a plot to replace miniconfs with extra talks. WE’RE SO ON TO YOU.

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