links for 2006-10-13

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  1. Alan Horkan says:

    There is a lot of abuse and general harshness and lack of common courtesy that no one should have to put up with irregardless of gender.
    Fiercly arguing your corner is so firmly established people often do not even realise they are in effect shouting others down when their intention is only to hold their own.

    Unfortunately many more are intentionally harsh and seem to think the old behaviour is acceptable simply because it has been that way for so long. The silence of developers with regard to some of the more zealous users is amounts to tacit agreement with their behaviour.
    New moves like the Ubuntu Code of Conduct have shown people it doesn’t have to be that way and the community can be much more welcoming to all kinds of contributors and more fun and friendly for existing developers too.

    KDE Developer Adriaan de Groot was also directing planetKDE readers to this very interesting article

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