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links for 2006-10-25

Redirecting to the preferred hostname I just use simple RedirectMatches, but this could save some time: “Since I got fed up with writing complex rewrite rules for hosts that exist in multiple TLDs and both with and without the ‘www.’, … Continue reading

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links for 2006-10-24

How to Run a Useless Conference Presentation Zen eye for the conference guy: “Facts don’t change people’s behavior. Emotion changes people’s behavior.” Thanks Jaq! (tags: conference emotion facts lca2007 organisation) DriverlessDevice – ZD1211 USB WLAN Linux drivers An interesting solution … Continue reading

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QoTD: Havoc Pennington

“And I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to filing some completely unreasonable window manager bug and then raising hell when the maintainer rejects my demands. ;-)” — Havoc Pennington, about Compiz on d-d-l

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links for 2006-10-23

Microsoft Set to Tap Non-Pro Tools Market Another “consumer drives enterprise” datapoint: Microsoft figures out that the ‘non-professional’ software development grassroots — currently finding solace in Open Source — is 3 to 4 times larger than the professional segment. (tags: … Continue reading

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Politics Schmolitics

The United States of America… is armed to the teeth with nukes, disrespects international law, invades and wages war on foreign countries based on abject lies, savagely ignores human rights, has virtually buried habeas corpus, supports institutionalised torture, and finally, … Continue reading

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Yesterday afternoon, I paced around a bit, furrowed my brow, scratched my chin, massaged my temples, and pressed the big red button. The first round of CFP talk and tutorial feedback emails hit the streets, with 77 positives, 16 backups … Continue reading

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links for 2006-10-16

Jefferies: Oracle Close to Entering Linux Market, Challenging Red Hat If this is true, we could hear about it within the month: “We have heard that Ubuntu is currently working to certify its recently introduced server OS to all [of] … Continue reading

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Seventh Heaven

We were confident that 2007 would rock before we’d seen any talk, tutorial or miniconf proposals. Now we’re just flat-out gobsmacked. The night before the Boston Summit, I joined the 2007 programme review team meeting by phone. Despite … Continue reading

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Geek rap posse

One day, in the not-too-distant future, a pumpin’ rap outfit will appear upon this Earth, dedicated to all things geeky. And they shall be called… the Woot Ang-Band. That is all.

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links for 2006-10-13

Opening doors to open source for women “From thoughtless comments on mailing lists to outright rudeness, women constantly battle the perception that there is no comfortable place for them in the predominately male world of open source software. That, however, … Continue reading

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