Stranded in… Somewhere

Where the hell am I? Apparently, I’m in St Louis.

The flight from San Francisco to St Louis was delayed by an hour or so, so I missed the connection to Columbus by 15 minutes. So, it looks like I’ve put my trust in US domestic air travel for the last time. Lesson learned. In future, I will not plan my itinerary to arrive the day before I need to be there — maybe I’ll just turn up a week ahead, and muck around a bit.

I called the Ohio LinuxFest organisers — to adapt, they’re swapping Chris DiBona into my keynote slot (ha ha!), and me into his regular talk slot after lunch, hopefully to the chagrin of Ted Haegar (ha ha!). Aside from the bummer of not being able to do the keynote slot, I will miss Jorge’s talk, which I was really looking forward to.

Finally, my bag was checked to Columbus and hasn’t turned up in St Louis at all, so I won’t even have clean clothes to wear on the flight… and they’re not even sure if my bag will be available when I land in Columbus. I can warn you now: My non-keynote keynote is going to stink!

Ha ha. Ugh. 😉

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