Stranded in… Somewhere

Where the hell am I? Apparently, I’m in St Louis.

The flight from San Francisco to St Louis was delayed by an hour or so, so I missed the connection to Columbus by 15 minutes. So, it looks like I’ve put my trust in US domestic air travel for the last time. Lesson learned. In future, I will not plan my itinerary to arrive the day before I need to be there — maybe I’ll just turn up a week ahead, and muck around a bit.

I called the Ohio LinuxFest organisers — to adapt, they’re swapping Chris DiBona into my keynote slot (ha ha!), and me into his regular talk slot after lunch, hopefully to the chagrin of Ted Haegar (ha ha!). Aside from the bummer of not being able to do the keynote slot, I will miss Jorge’s talk, which I was really looking forward to.

Finally, my bag was checked to Columbus and hasn’t turned up in St Louis at all, so I won’t even have clean clothes to wear on the flight… and they’re not even sure if my bag will be available when I land in Columbus. I can warn you now: My non-keynote keynote is going to stink!

Ha ha. Ugh. 😉

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4 Responses to Stranded in… Somewhere

  1. welcome to my world 😉

    in all seriousness, my one recommendation is to avoid the Radisson hotel near the airport. it has ant problems. or maybe that’s the Cincy one, i can’t remember.

    best bet is to try to take some of the movable benches and make a small fort 😉

  2. Rick says:

    Thanks for putting up with the airlines to make it. It was great to see your talk. I love the quote you start out with. I also appreciate the time/talk at dinner. Have a great time in Boston.

  3. Gerald Butler says:

    Saw your talk on Saturday in Columbus! It was great! You should definitely post the slides where you discussed the old Gnome configuration dialog. Hopefully it will put to rest all the “…why did you remove all the great features in Gnome 2.XX..” talk.

  4. Jeff,
    It was an absolute pleasure to have you attend and speak at our event and I apologize profusely for the incompetence of the US Airline system. I’ve had similar experiences, and it frustrates me to no end. Richard approached me on Friday night and explained that you were stuck in St. Louis, so we immediately stopped drinking beer and tried to figure out what the game plan was going to be. After several minutes of blank stares, dumb looks and no ideas, we decided to start drinking again. After the first sip of my beer, I suggested that we just swap you and DiBona around. See.. it was the beer that helped to get the brain cells stimulated again, so we decided at that point that we should order a couple of kegs for the After Party on Saturday night. In any case, it all worked out and Chris did a fantastic job for a fill-in keynote. Proof positive that the Open Source community just rocks.. you just would not see something like that happen so smoothly, or with so little effort in the commercial world. What started out as a potential disaster ended up working out just fine. Adaptability is one of the greatest things about Open Source, and extending that to people is pretty fantastic. Kim Brand stepped in at the final hour and pulled out another miracle for us and got a standing ovation for his “Open Source in Education” presentation that he literally had an hour’s notice about! Rich Bowen also stepped up to the plate and did a talk on mod_rewrite to replace Michael Harrington’s “Linux and Law Enforcement: Open Source Digital Forensics” talk. (BTW, this was the second year that we scheduled him that he didn’t show up. Once bitten, twice shy!)
    Unfortunately I was unable to see your presentation, as the entire room was full and people were spilling out into the hallway, but we have learned a couple of things from the event this year and will be applying them to the next show.

    We would love to have you back, perhaps even to do another keynote! If you are interested, please mark your calendar for 9/29/2007. I’m sure if you book your flight to arrive on 9/22 you might actually get your luggage on time as well!

    Gregory J. Boehnlein
    Ohio Linuxfest Organizer

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