Now here are a few dots that demand reference and connection…

  • 2001: Ruby folks discuss AVM, with a bit of info from Gilad Bracha.

  • September 1st, 2006: Joel Spolsky drops the S bomb on Ruby. Blogosphere convulses, a lioness hath whelped in the streets, etc.

  • September 7th: Sun, via Tim Bray, declares its love for Ruby.

  • September 10th: The Strongtalk VM is released.

Thanks to Stephen and Rob for providing some of the dots.

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One Response to Ruby-dooby-doo!

  1. Joel is right. I’m not sure what the “s bomb” is but maybe it’s “sanity” – if so, its overdue.

    Oh, and I’m writting a new web search engine using bash scripts. It rocks. Well, it will rock when I get the performance and security issues figured out, but that won’t stop me from releasing.

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