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Stranded in… Somewhere

Where the hell am I? Apparently, I’m in St Louis. The flight from San Francisco to St Louis was delayed by an hour or so, so I missed the connection to Columbus by 15 minutes. So, it looks like I’ve … Continue reading

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Ohio LinuxFest 2006

Tomorrow, I’ll be giving the opening keynote at the Ohio LinuxFest! Then I’ll be listening to Jorge’s presentation about Linux and Windows living together in harmony. Sweet! The organisers have packed a lot of great stuff and fantastic people into … Continue reading

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links for 2006-09-28

Presentation Zen: Your moment of Zen Mixing two of my favourite treats: Presentation Zen and The Daily Show (tags: presentation zen dailyshow)

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You do realize that searching for “christ on a stick” the way you’ve done only checks if all the words are present somewhere in the description, right? They don’t need to be contiguous, and they aren’t in libmail-audit-perl’s case. Torsten, … Continue reading

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links for 2006-09-23

The future of the Linux Terminal Server Project Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora working together to make LTSP a core part of the desktop ecosystem. Jim McQuillan: “Just it turn on and it will work, just like with Apache, or Samba, … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with software

$ apt-cache search powerful | wc -l 486 $ apt-cache search flexible | wc -l 355 $ apt-cache search loving | wc -l 3 Update: $ apt-cache search christ on a stick | wc -l 1 WTF?! $ apt-cache search … Continue reading

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Serious miniconf action!

We just pushed out a fresh press release, New format, more miniconfs for 2007, detailing some of what we’re doing to cope with the enormous demand for the conference. We’ve had over 250 submissions for talks, tutorials and miniconfs … Continue reading

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links for 2006-09-20

Software compliance now a sitting Black Duck “Pia Waugh, director of open source consulting firm Waugh Partners, said software compliance is the latest area of interest and hurdle the industry needs to overcome, particularly in the government sector.” (tags: press … Continue reading

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links for 2006-09-18

today’s hack: pstimeouts Utterly sweet hack from Ryan Lortie, focusing on the performance issue du jour: process wakeups (which result in nasty context switch action). Great tools and documentation of horrors are the best ways of fixing the future. (tags: … Continue reading

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Now here are a few dots that demand reference and connection… 2001: Ruby folks discuss AVM, with a bit of info from Gilad Bracha. September 1st, 2006: Joel Spolsky drops the S bomb on Ruby. Blogosphere convulses, a lioness hath … Continue reading

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