Awesome Reanimated

I was poking around for some spare hardware, and came upon an old machine I hadn’t used for a while. Turns out I hadn’t used it for quite a while indeed: /dev/hda1 has gone 1375 days without being checked, check forced.

Wow. I haven’t turned this on for several years. I’ve moved at least three or four times in that period. Now that piqued my interest — just what would I find on the disk? Which kernel version? Which GNOME version? What might I find in my home directory?

Logging in, I was struck by the timeless awesomeness of the GARNOME splash screen:

No surprises about the operating system: Debian unstable, circa November 2002. Linux 2.4.19 (with XFS patches, because back then I thought it was cool). GNOME 1.x from Debian, and… GARNOME 2.1.2! Awesome. The icons on my panel were: System Monitor, Galeon, Mozilla, X-Chat, GNOME CD and GNOME Terminal.

There’s a thumbnail picture of Bill Gates I used to keep on my desktop to remind me what we’re up against… I keep a thumbnail picture of Steve Jobs on my desktop now. The notes and working files are amusing to sift through. Seems the last time I turned this on, I had just moved (or was in the process of moving) to Newtown, where I lived with Mary and Andrew.

The screensaver? glsnake. Priceless.

Update: I have a screenshot taken around that time.

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3 Responses to Awesome Reanimated

  1. tm says:

    hell, i was looking on that screenshot for a minute. then went back to your entry and just wanted to comment “awesome!”, when i noticed the title of the entry.

    if possible, you should put this computer in some cryogenic basin, and get it out right for the celebration of 10×10 in 4 years 🙂

  2. Mary says:

    That’s impressive. Every time I move one of my computers more than an inch or leave it off for more than a week, either the motherboard or the hard drive (or, one memorable time last year, both) fails.

  3. lucaramel says:

    *memories* The picture called “curiosity” on your screenshot used to be my wallpaper for years (around 2002 actually) 🙂

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