QoTD: Steve Jobs

“Another bolt of lightning is: that Apple plus Microsoft equals 100% of the desktop computer market. And so, whatever Apple and Microsoft agree to do: It’s a standard.

“And I think that you’ll be seeing us work with Microsoft more, because they’re the only other player in the desktop industry. And I think you’ll be seeing Microsoft want to work with Apple more, because Apple is the only other player in the desktop industry.

“So I hope we have even more co-operation in the future, because the industry wants it.” — Steve Jobs, Macworld 1997

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7 Responses to QoTD: Steve Jobs

  1. John says:

    at least the percentage of coverage was accurate, if not the levels of cooperation

  2. Ploum says:

    Time to up the “10 in 2010” slogan (no, not related with http://www.asklyrics.com/display/Bad_Religion/10_In_2010_Lyrics/63061.htm )

  3. Spanky says:

    Translation: Ubuntu is eating their lunch and the have to be open about their anti-competiviness against it.

    BTW, there are more users of open software than OS-X. There just not store bought boxed versions because duh, Ubuntu is free.

    In fact, a very hugh population of ubuntu desktop users alone, is deeply cutting Microsoft to the quick.

    People stay stupid just so long and then change overcomes them. 🙂

  4. Travis Reitter says:


    That reminds me that I realized the superficial overlap the other day. But it’s hard to isolate anything but the main line that could be taken as positive 🙂

    Plus, hacking a dystopian song to pieces for a mantra seems kinda like something creepy you’d hear at a corporate rally.

    Maybe Jeff could just use the outro (“10 in / 10 in / 10 in tweeeen-tyyyyyy-ten!”) to end the last status update talk before GUADEC 2010?

  5. Travis Reitter says:

    A friend wants me to add the context:

    At the time, Jobs had just finished the deal with Microsoft to get them to bail Apple out. So, he was trying to sound conciliatory.

    But, of course, what really matters is that we make that quote less and less accurate as we move on 🙂

  6. Lloyd D Budd says:

    Thanks Steve Jobs, I had forgotten that Windows and Mac OS were the only Desktop OSs, and that everything that runs on those two OSs is made by Microsoft and Apple.

  7. Jon says:

    Me thinks the posters are not looking closely enough at the date of that quote.

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