Ready for the Enterprise: Nokia 770

The Nokia 770, with the latest Internet Tablet 2006 beta firmware, is Ready for the Enterprise.

Thanks to Nokia, I’ve had the 770 for a while, but given the lack of pervasive public wifi in Australia, its housebound use cases have been limited to web browsing… In front of the television, in bed, or (mostly) on the toilet. But the latest firmware — currently in beta, soon to be released — changes everything.

I just spoke to daf for 12 minutes via the 770’s new Telepathy-powered Google Talk / Jabber client. The audio quality isn’t as good as the desktop client, but they’re working on it. I tried it with headphones and without — if you pop the 770 in your top pocket and wander around the house, it’s almost like you’re using a Star Trek communicator (albeit without the voice control).

Contacts and presence are tightly integrated into the user experience — there’s no buddy list in the traditional sense, just a category for contacts who are online. Just the way I like it. 😉

The fresh theme is bright and punchy, the new feed reader is surprisingly good, and there’s a whole bunch of neat fixes and polish throughout. Imagine — a device that improves with age, with meaty, high-value software updates! Rocking.

I’m really looking forward to the sweet PIM action that Opened Hand have been working on, too.

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3 Responses to Ready for the Enterprise: Nokia 770

  1. Jussi Kukkonen says:

    Agreed, the beta looks pretty good.

    One thing that still annoys me though(probably more than it should): as the desktop machines at our apartment are linux only, I currently can’t “phone home” when I’m out. A desktop Telepathy-client for linux would be sooo nice — anyone know which IM or VoIP app will support Telepathy first ?

  2. Yep, I’m eagerly waiting for a free-as-in-speech client for Linux to test the new Nokia 770 functionality.

    My current main use of the Nokia 770 is as PDF / off-line HTML reader and a few note taking. Free wifi is more and more available in France.

  3. mibus says:

    770s available in Australia? Since when? Where?? I want! 🙂

    (Can’t wait for desktop Telepathy either…)

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