GNOME: The Real Movie OS

Dave pulls back the bathrobe on one of his fascinating projects. When he first mentioned GNOME and GIMP appearing at SIGGRAPH, I couldn’t help but wonder if this would lead to GNOME becoming a real life Movie OS. With Xgl and Compiz, it’s pretty close! We’re just missing the helpful but distant British accent sound theme and big red flashing ACCESS DENIED dialogues.

GNOME is already a favourite in digital imaging — Dreamworks uses GNOME desktops, Pixar has contributed to devilspie, Miguel appeared in Antitrust. I’m not sure that last one is really an accolade though… 😉

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4 Responses to GNOME: The Real Movie OS

  1. Well, if you lock a session on Ubuntu and mess up your password when typing it, you do get a fairly big and flashy DENIED message…

  2. jaq says:

    I’m not sure that last one is really an accolade though…

    Don’t rag on the film that puts you two hops from Rachael Leigh Cook, dude. 😉

  3. paul says:

    @Michael, yeah that’s kewl but it seems that has changed in 6.06, which uses gnome-screensaver instead of xscreensaver, because the former works better with gnome-power-manager.

  4. arc says:

    You should take a look at this movie too

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