Sunday Grab Bag!

  • Planet in Strange Orbit: Ben Martin (of libferris infamy) wrote a rocking article about how to set up and run your own Personal Planet. Thanks, Ben! Strangely, it was published in a particularly bad issue of Linux Journal, which for some reason covered how to untar and run blogging and podcasting tools. This is not the Linux Journal I once loved.
  • Seamless RDP: Cendio has released SeamlessRDP, a set of changes for rdesktop to provide rootless RDP functionality. I can see this being extremely useful in small business environments, where staff would be perfectly happy using Linux desktops if only they had access to one or two line-of-business applications. Rock on, Cendio! Thanks to Stephen English, who flickred a screenshot of Notepad on dapper, via RDP.
  • Nautilus Plone Backend: Not yet publically available, but on its way, is Enfold Systems work on Plone integration in GNOME, specifically via Nautilus. Check out the (Flash) demo, which is pretty rad whether you dig Plone or not. 😉
  • Cutting back the weeds: Erich Schubert grizzles about the overgrown pile of weeds that are choking GNOME’s global preference menus. This organically grown mess has been begging for a large-scale, top-down redesign effort for a while. Hopefully we can give it some love during GUADEC.
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