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QoTD: Brigadier Michael Slater

“Jessica I feel quite safe, yes, but not because I’ve got these armed soldiers behind me that were put there by your stage manager here to make it look good.” — Brigadier Michael Slater, talking to Jessica Rowe on Today

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Quiet Little Tributes

Once upon a time, a 4U server was donated to SLUG, for use as a web and list server. Though it wasn’t wildly powerful, it became known as “The Six Million Dollar” machine, because it had really earned its keep … Continue reading

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Polypaudio 0.9.0

Polypaudio 0.9.0. Righteous. Could Polypaudio be the cure for the ALSA blues? Could GSmartMix be the sweetness that puts Polypaudio back on the GNOME agenda? I put Lennart and Marc-André in touch. Let’s see what happens. 🙂

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Sunday Grab Bag!

Planet in Strange Orbit: Ben Martin (of libferris infamy) wrote a rocking article about how to set up and run your own Personal Planet. Thanks, Ben! Strangely, it was published in a particularly bad issue of Linux Journal, which for … Continue reading

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Old School

Matt Galvin has made ubuntu-artwork parallel installable, and created packages for all previous generations. Ever since we shipped hoary I’ve wanted to do this, but could never really justify it — oddly enough, Daniel Holbach also started talking about it … Continue reading

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Joe Marcus Clarke, who has worked tirelessly for a number of years making GNOME rock on FreeBSD, has never been very noisy about his excellent work. So I was very happy to find him quoted in a ZDNet article about … Continue reading

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QoTD: Steve Ballmer

“The greatest competitive threat we face is our own ability to either embrace or compete with alternative business models.” — Steve Ballmer

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The Zen of Freedom

“Kung-fu prepares you for thinking strategically rather than reacting. I’ve learned to be the master of the first stroke and to take control of any situation,” says Ms Waugh, who six months ago founded an open source consultancy business, Waugh … Continue reading

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Test-Driven Development

Last month, Rob did a talk about test-driven development at SLUG. It made me wonder: Does God employ test-driven development… and are we the product, or the test-suite?

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QoTD: Kevin Shockey

“From now on, I will strive to make TUX rise above the comments that divide our community. If I slip, you most certainly can ask for my resignation.” — Kevin Shockey, Editor-in-Chief, TUX Magazine Great to hear — I sincerely … Continue reading

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