Sweet Planet Action

Lots of cool stuff going on in Planet land at the moment.

  • Mary Gardiner sat down with Rob Collins to add some much needed unit testing love to Planet, and is looking into a bit of sanity-inducing refactoring and optimisation as well.
  • Sam Ruby has massively improved Planet’s Atom support, to the point that it is no longer a faltering wreck! I’ve merged all of his changes into the trunk. I’m seriously considering merging these into the 1.0 branch for its terribly belated release. He’s also done some cool template hacking for his own Planet Intertwingly. Thanks Sam!
  • Phil Wilson is hacking on an XMPP-enabled desktop aggregator based on Planet and other cool Python bits. I’ve often desired the time to hack up a desktop aggregator based on Planet, Twisted and PyGTK+… Perhaps Phil’s work could be adapted to multiple GUI frontends and integrated into the main tree?

Rock on, Planeteers!

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7 Responses to Sweet Planet Action

  1. Sam Ruby says:

    I’m very much looking forward to Mary’s changes.

    I’m glad you didn’t pick up the navkeys change… while promising, it isn’t ready yet.

    Escaping of titles in RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 is likely to produce inconsistent results. I’d suggest title_plain ESCAPE=”HTML”.

    I note that you didn’t pick up my basestring check in __init__. This is important as you picked up feedparser 4.1. Try subscribing to http://patrickweb.com/weblog/atom.xml, and taking a look at the log produced.

  2. jdub says:

    Yeah, I’ll update the RSS templates to use *_plain soon.

    Have you pushed the basestring change up to your repo? I’m up-to-date, and have merged everything in your public branch.

  3. Sam Ruby says:

    Search for basestring in my __init__.py. There should be two occurrences.

  4. jdub says:

    Ok, sorted out a bzr nit — merged. Thanks!

  5. Sam Ruby says:

    I just did a fresh get, and __init__ still doen’t contain any checks for basestring.

    I’m sure that you will sort this out.

  6. jdub says:

    It just needed some push love. 🙂

  7. Phil Wilson says:

    “Perhaps Phil’s work could be adapted to multiple GUI frontends and integrated into the main tree?”

    I’ll see if I can keep it as agnostic as I can.

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