QoTD: Tim O’Reilly

“Linux books have lost a lot of their steam, with the category as a whole off 10%, with books on Red Hat hit particularly hard, off 52%. Other distributions, notably Ubuntu and Knoppix, have seen an increase of 37% over the preceding year. As I’ve previously observed, the decline in Red Hat book sales began when they split off Fedora from their main line development, and they have never recovered.” — Tim O’Reilly, State of the Computer Book Market, Part 2

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One Response to QoTD: Tim O’Reilly

  1. Since Ubuntu came out everyone’s now interested in Debian-based distros like Ubuntu and Knoppix. What about stats for books about Suse and Mandriva? Their hits per day on Distrowatch are going down, while every one of the Debian based distros is either steady or going up.

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