On Sunday, Pia and I celebrated our first anniversary in the tradition we set during the years before we wed — a cool, windy ferry to Manly, a contemplative wander to Shelly Beach, and a scrumptious dinner at Le Kiosk. We were much happier with the food this year, particularly the pumpkin gnocchi, kingfish sashimi (we stared at it for a few moments before realising that we could pick it up with a fork) and lavender ice cream. To think — we were almost going to break with tradition and go somewhere else!

On Wednesday, Pia celebrated my birthday by making beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes for dinner. Being a vegetarian, she ate fake plastic bangers and mash. Heresy! She gave me a mighty-fucking-huge-lump-of-granite mortar and pestle. It mashes, it squishes, and makes pesto in three different ways! The Ubuntu team didn’t give me a final release to play with (as planned six months ago), but managed to push out a beta instead. It’s the thought that counts, right? 🙂

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  1. daniels says:

    Oh man. I couldn’t live without my granite pestle and mortar. Not only is it so, so worth it in terms of the final results from food, it’s also incredibly cathartic to go beat the shit out of some herbs and seeds. 🙂

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