On Heat

Matthew Mullenweg of WordPress fame mentioned CrazyEgg, a web service that can tell you which links people are clicking on your website. The best bit is the cute ‘click heatmap’ image:

WordPress.com Heatmap

Imagine a similar tool for GNOME: We could aggregate click (and mouseover!) data from users and display it on our own systems — not with images, but by highlighting running applications! Doing it for the desktop shell (panel, applets, nautilus) would be somewhat more challenging, given that everything can move around so much. Perhaps the panel could provide a small amount of layout and configuration data to help with visualisation.

The usefulness of raw data such as this is debatable, but gee it’s handy when you’ve got it.

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One Response to On Heat

  1. Pascal Klein says:

    Either I am getting this wrong, or it’s not making sense to me. This seems as useful as that mouse movement counter which counts the distance your mouse moves once you turn it on. It sounds cute, in this case for something like the above idea it is just another cute/interesting little thing, but doesn’t seem to have much use or purpose. Ontop of that it doesn’t seem as easy to write as the mouse movement counter.

    However for something like ‘most clicked links’ this would be great on the web. 🙂

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