Tin Roof… Rusted

LoveSac Dive

We picked up our LoveSac today. The soft and scrumptious mocha corduroy cover has been taunting us for a few weeks now, so it was very satisfying to finally get our hands on the innards. All the massaging, fluffing (not that kind!), kneading, rolling, stomping and diving provided some much needed physical activity and entertainment after a day of planning the lca2007 web presence. Jaq took a bunch of great action (and luxurious inaction) shots.

Right now, I’m curled up in 8′ of pure SuperSac bliss!

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2 Responses to Tin Roof… Rusted

  1. stuhood says:

    Sooooo jealous! Those things are teh sex.

  2. Pascal Klein says:

    Far better than our bean bags. Man those kick… ass!

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