Fighting on New Ground

Martin Sevior on March 5, 2005:

I just thought I’d tell you that Dom, uwog and I have started a discussion on how to do the collaborative feature you suggested. […] It should be doable in a reasonable time frame. One month if we focussed all our attention I think. (Dom and uwog may have other ideas about the time frame they always think I’m too optimistic.)

Today, Marc Maurer blogged a screencast of Abicollab in action. So, Martin was only slightly too optimistic. 😉

It’s a little later than I’d hoped, at least in comparison with what our competitors are doing, but I still see this as a line in the sand: is not aggressively competitive with Microsoft Office – it’s playing to match the feature matrix instead of leapfrogging and defining new ground to fight on. That is not a winning strategy, particularly when the stakes involve the future of Software Freedom in the hands of users around the world.

It’s time to upset the state of play. It’s time for GNOME Office.

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