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QoTD: Nathan Willis

“I can’t heap enough praise on the interface. Simplicity is the watchword, and Thoggen gets it just right, presenting the user with the appropriate choices and working out the necessary details itself. Transcoding video is complicated, but Thoggen manages to … Continue reading

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Children and Cake

It has been suggested that the parodies of Bill Gates in recent posts are unfair. I have been asked to imagine my face on such images. Why imagine, when we have The GIMP? It has also been suggested that I … Continue reading

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QoTD: Judge John Daniel Tinder

“[T]he GPL encourages, rather than discourages, free competition and the distribution of computer operating systems, the benefits of which directly pass to consumers. These benefits include lower prices, better access and more innovation.” — Judge John Daniel Tinder

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Can I have a pony?

Simos Xenitellis masterfully combines a bit of silly Ubuntu Fridge humour with Bill Gates hating on the children:

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Rocket Powered Cheerios

Metacity is a “boring window manager for the adult in you. Many window managers are like Marshmallow Froot Loops; Metacity is like Cheerios.” But adding tools like Brightside and Devilspie to the mix is like strapping a rocket to your … Continue reading

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Seriously Belgium

During FOSDEM I was interviewed about GNOME and Ubuntu by a Dutch online video magazine called Not only was I wearing a collared shirt and jacket, but for some reason I had a very serious expression on my face … Continue reading

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Foxy Feline

I have enjoyed watching for a particular point in the time-based release cycles that I’ve been involved in over the past few years — the moment at which the community starts to talk about The Next Release. It generally pops … Continue reading

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pyblosxom to WordPress revisited

I migrated to WordPress a while back, and posted a pretty lame redirection setup for Apache. Since that initial migration, I’ve migrated Pia to WordPress as well, watched my web stats, and tweaked the redirection rules. Of course, everyone’s pyblosxom … Continue reading

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Bill Gates Hates Children

“If you are going to go have people share the computer, get a broadband connection and have somebody there who can help support the user, geez, get a decent computer where you can actually read the text and you’re not … Continue reading

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Eat Yourself

From a recent article on Heise, very cleverly translated by Google: “The driving – and above all financing – strength behind Ubuntu is Mark of Shuttleworth, which a name as a space tourist on EAT YOURSELF made.” I can assure … Continue reading

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