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For some reason, I’ve had a bunch of interview requests recently. I was featured in a Builder AU series called “Aussie coders changing the world”, written by Simon Sharwood (who UbuntuDownUnder attendees will remember as one of our wonderfully fascist … Continue reading

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Missing Cosmogotchi

So, the sabdfl doesn’t have a hackergotchi on Planet Ubuntu. This is a travesty, and we’re going to need the community’s might to fix it. Indeed, we should create a collection of sabdfl hackergotchis for every occasion. So, find a … Continue reading

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Hit the bzr

If you’ve been wondering how to pronounce bzr, here’s an endorsement you can tap your feet to for Mary’s suggestion, concocted by AJ.

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Not so different…

dobey: Aside from your ranty-pants bits about me personally, there’s nothing in your post that I disagree with. Much of it I strongly support. You and I may not get along, but there’s still a lot of shared values here.

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You Are Here

Life needs “You Are Here” stickers.

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New hair?

This cut ain’t new! Now that my hackergotchi is such a familiar sight, the original photo just looks like someone’s gimped jdub.png onto some random dude’s body. Surreal.

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Andy Fitzsimon’s most excellent 2006 t-shirt, which had a very limited run of 50. If you have one, you are special:

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Looking for GTK+ consulting work?

A local company (Sydney, Australia) is looking for a GTK+ consultant to help solve problems as they port an application (with some interestingly different toolkit demands) from Tk to GTK+ 2.x. You’ll need a solid understanding of GTK+ and C. … Continue reading

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