just keeps on rocking

From an email about the success of and Linux Australia…

For me, the credit is in the outcome, and that’s not a light and pithy thing to say just for the hell of it. The 2001 team aimed to create “the OLS of the southern hemisphere” as it was the most inspiring model at the time. In so many ways, I think has eclipsed that vision and become highly influential on a global level itself.

The fact that it has survived, thrived, been the catalyst for the recreation of Linux Australia, and continues to be one of the best FLOSS conferences in the world – one that many key FLOSS contributors would not miss! – ought to be credit enough for anyone who has contributed to or Linux Australia.

In five short years, we’ve transformed a distant, disconnected set of groups into a bigger, closer, more effective, coherent community. New friends and opportunities. A stronger voice. More eyes and ears on us and what we do. We can all take credit for that.

Welcome to 2006. Let’s rock even harder this year.

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