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3BT: Latest Adventure

I’m back in the USA for meetings and The Last Badger. Perhaps I should’ve made a break from the 3BT moniker, because the sense of adventure that dominated my previous trip hasn’t gone away. “What now?!” you ask… Despite the … Continue reading

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3BT: The Last Badger

Who: Lovers of GNOME, Ubuntu and/or Freedom. What: Running With Scissors – Life on the Bleeding Edge of GNOME and Ubuntu… With your fully accredited rollercoaster designer and refrigeration engineer, Jeff Waugh. Where: Smith Memorial Center, Room 338, Portland State … Continue reading

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Speaker for the Dead

Silly memories and reflections on stuff. The lovely Dell X300 laptop, which they don’t sell anymore. It was really a rebadged Samsung, so not the usual Dell crapola. 7.5 times better than the X40, mostly because it had a trackpad … Continue reading

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3BT: The New Hotness

During my travels, I pimp lot of sweet, sweet GNOME and Ubuntu action, so there’s always demand for a list of pointers to the new hotness. Here it is! Beagle Tomboy F-Spot Galago Sabayon NetworkManager Nokia 770 GStreamer Flumotion DIVA … Continue reading

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3BT: Spain and Canada

My short time in Spain was defined mostly by my Barajas, Badajoz experience, which roughly translates to evil travel plan fuckage. I flew into Madrid‘s Barajas airport, thinking I would be picked up there (as Pia was), but the organisers … Continue reading

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Ride the Wild Elmo

Nat and Luis, you guys may be interested to know that the Ubuntu community actually has a wild elmo. I’ve documented it in our wiki for future reference.

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