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Getting it?

“In this particular case, though, the naming issue seems rather to distract attention from freedom, so I’d rather focus the attention back where it belongs,” [Stallman] said. But no, he’s not getting it. He’s talking about the “Linux trademark fracas”, … Continue reading

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Ubuntu == Godiva

The deepest and most insightful comment I have ever read on OS News goes something like this: “Yes, it’s brown. So is chocolate. (Which makes sense because Ubuntu is the Godiva of Linux distros.)” What a stunning thought.

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Fixin’ To Fix

Havoc, the main thrust of your response was about valuing design skills in the development process. Note that I didn’t question this at all in my entry, and I explicitly distanced my comments from the specifics of the notifications discussion … Continue reading

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Behind The Curtain

John, I agree that Davyd’s reaction to this has been somewhat unproductive. However, I have resisted blogging about it for most of the day because I tend to feel the same way. Note that it really has nothing to do … Continue reading

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Extreme Ubuntu Rockage

Some of our users go beyond the call of duty. Dominic White of Rhodes University in South Africa is currently pursuing the Ubuntu T-Shirt Challenge. Ingrid Brant explains the game: The bet, lodged with Hilton Theunissen, of the Shuttleworth Foundation … Continue reading

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Honeymoon, OSCON, LWE

A couple of days ago, Pia and I returned from a very restful and refreshing holiday. It was definitely more holiday than honeymoon, considering the four months in between wedding and departure, but that’s pretty much what we needed. Life … Continue reading

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