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Paul Thurrott writes about Ubuntu and GNOME: “Ubuntu is based on the GNOME desktop environment, which happens to be my favorite. […] The bundled applications are excellent and well chosen. […] Now, couple those basic needs with the uncluttered simplicity … Continue reading

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The time for freescreensaver [1] is now! [1] A non-existant but possibly extremely useful defined screensaver standard built around a more flexible code and maintainership fork of Xscreensaver. Update: Amusing Eugenia moment in Jeremy Zawodny’s blog entry about this.

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GNOME in Bulgaria

Wow, so that was quick! Yavor Doganov let me know all about and the GNOME lovers in Bulgaria! You’ve blogged about today – let me explain you what it is. In the past 18 months the GNOME Bulgarian … Continue reading

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Is a little GNOME community that we don’t know enough about? Please join marketing-list and let us know what you’re up to! The front page looks suspiciously like a team blog or aggregate – perhaps it should be linked … Continue reading

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Goings on of Planet GNOME

Lots of things going on in Planet GNOME land recently. Steve Garrity provided a very sexy update to Seth and Diana’s speech-balloon concept. It makes Planet GNOME a delight to read all over again. More tweaks on the way. Thanks, … Continue reading

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Alvaro proposed an interesting new splash screen for Ubuntu. Not work safe. 🙂

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behdad had a bloody good idea, so I set up a way to make it work, and then added some test data. But I could not stop adding test data. I am a bad person.

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