It’s funny, we’ve had exactly the same problem in English. We needed a word to describe “Ubuntu people”, so Mako reckons Ubuntites is the best one, whereas, I’m partial to Ubuntians. Foolishly, we didn’t think about common idioms in other languages… and Ubunteros wins HANDS DOWN. 🙂


  • Jeremy Nickurak tells me that the Esperanto version would be Ubuntulo. On reading this, it occured to me that Ubuntuhi sounds just like a sneeze. Ah, Esperanto.
  • Markus Triska suggests the Latin singular Ubuntus and plural Ubunti.
  • Martin Vulprecht notes that if we’re to use Latin terms, they should be non-gender specific! He suggests Ubuntuis or the plural, Ubuntues.
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