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The Shape of Things

Pymusique, the latest cool hack from the infamous Jon Johansen. Naughty or nice? I don’t know. But its foundations are seriously nice: Python Twisted GStreamer GNOME Ubuntu packages provided on the website It’s a winning combination, and it’s popping up … Continue reading

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Ooh, just noticed that the GNOME splash screen contest has closed, and a winner announced. Rad! Update: … and Nat has the image I was looking for. Compare and contrast, just like in art class. 🙂 Foolishly, I went looking … Continue reading

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Had an idea for a little hack that would make the ubuntu-calendar backgrounds ten times cooler than they already are! If, say, gnome-settings-daemon monitored the currently selected image for changes, and forced an update, you’d get cool new background love … Continue reading

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