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27 Nov 2001

GNOME Foundation The GNOME Foundation has another kickarse board this year: Havoc, Miguel, DV, Jim Gettys, Jody, Nat, jrb, telsa, federico, jamesh, and _v_ Congratulations all! You rock!

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21 Nov 2001

Ilan: You’re a nutball. Seriously. All you need is a shaved cat and a monocle. Please get over yourself.

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17 Nov 2001

groove thing So, yesterday I woke up with a dreadful hangover. Four times. On each occasion, my second thought after “Uuuugggghhh…” was, “Buggerit! Why didn’t I get her phone number?” I even thoroughly checked myself for phone-number-on-flesh-marks before having a … Continue reading

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