About Jeff Waugh

Jeff Waugh builds castles1 in the skymade of fairy floss3. That being: 1 Big and/or interesting online infrastructure in the 2 Cloud, mainly using 3 Open Source software and Amazon Web Services.

Waugh has played an active role in the Open Source community and numerous projects, such as Director of the GNOME Foundation Board (2003-2004, 2006-2008), GNOME Release Manager (2001-2005), committee member (2000-2001) and president (2002-2003) of the Sydney Linux Users’ Group, and member of the linux.conf.au 2001 and 2007 organising teams. He co-authored the immensely popular Planet feed reader, and was one of the founding employees of Canonical, engaged in Ubuntu business and community development during its extraordinary early rise (2004-2006). Jeff then focused on the Australian industry and community with Waugh Partners, a boutique consultancy specialising in Open Source strategy, industry development and research (2006-2011).

In 2005, Waugh won the Google/O’Reilly Open Source award for Best Evangelist, which recognised his work on GNOME and Ubuntu. In 2007, Jeff and Pia were the first duo to receive a Pearcey Foundation award, recognising their pioneering achievement and contribution to the Australian ICT industry.