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  1. Damn straight … it’s just lazy coder who cry foul of constant updates.

    Chrome for me has become better and better since version 1 , when it was already way ahead of firefox in performance on my crappy winXP 512mb RAM laptop :D . It’s even more awesome now on puppy linux, and I get to keep my bookmarks and apps from my other PC …. that’s just friking sweet.

    Web Inspector is friking awesome, firebug looks dated compared to it.

  2. What if Chrome was less aggressive in its incremental versioning? This chart only lists major version releases. Firefox and Safari have had software updates that aren’t listed here. Probably same for Chrome, but how much changed with every shipment of the individual browsers? I wonder.

  3. And Microsoft is in the process of shipping IE9. Problem?

    Or are you just bitter that your favorite furry browser is losing the performance race to ZOMG EVIL PROPRIETARY alternatives?

    • The chart actually illustrates the advantage played by the Chrome/Chromium team, in contrast with all of the other browser vendors. No points to you, but hey, thanks for playing.

  4. This doesn’t seem like an entirely fair comparison. Everything that isn’t IE has minor version updates listed, while the constant stream of MSHTML updates released by Windows Update (which I can assure you exist given how often it prompts to me install them) are not.

    • These really do reflect the most significant releases of each browser, regardless of arbitrary major/minor/micro version number changes… Firefox 3.6 was as major a release in that universe as Chrome 8 was in theirs.

      Check the Wikipedia pages for each major browser to see just how much changed in the versions represented. (Perhaps I should link them!)

  5. IE8 to IE9 is arguably gigantic. There was also 7 platform previews. Arguably, bigger than Chrome 4+5+6+7+8+9+10. Doesn’t substance matter?