How do dogs drink water?

Wow, this sure is counter-intuitive. Watching Po the other day, I was pondering more efficient ways for a dog to drink water. I mean, why doesn’t he just hold his breath, stick his snout in the bowl and suck? OK, it might take a leap of faith for a dog to do that due to inconvenient nostril placement. ;-)

Meanwhile, I’ve always assumed that dogs and cats scooped up the water in their tongue like a bucket. Turns out that was right, albeit backwards… in the slow-mo video below, you can see that dogs actually use the back of their tongue as a scoop, not the front (which is the way I would do it)!

Update: After some encouragement in the comments, Dusty sent along a video of Sarah (a six month old Gordon Setter) drinking through her snout like a straw! It may not be slow motion, but you can still clearly see her unusual approach to the problem towards the end of the video. Check it out:

Barack Obama celebrates National Andrew Bolt is a Dickhead Day

Barack Obama celebrates National Andrew Bolt is a Dickhead Day

(This stupid joke, and the linked cartoon which inspired it, will be difficult for international readers to understand. It might make slightly more sense if you replace “Andrew Bolt” with “Rush Limbaugh” as you read it, while noting that a true analogue to Limbaugh simply doesn’t exist in the Australian commentariat. Despite having our own breed of hypocritical right-wing crazies, I think it will be a long time coming before Australians would accept someone even remotely as ignorant and offensive as Limbaugh in our public conversation.)