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Welcoming Po to the family


Yesterday we adopted a beautiful, 2½ month-old Border Collie puppy. He was the more curious and attentive of two brothers, though it was still a difficult choice! He is heart-stoppingly cute, has that adorable “new puppy” smell, soft and fluffy long fur, and is already beginning to figure out the inscrutable noises of the silly humans. Po seems to be very comfortable at his new home:

Found a comfy home to snooze

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  1. Sweet! Congratulations. He is cute!

    We have a four-month-old border collie/black lab mix in our home. She has been the sweetest puppy and is incredibly smart. This has been the easiest training experience I have had with a dog. I’m sure your family will have a wonderful time with the new addition.

  2. Border collies are f’ing bonkers, in a good way. Very active animals, enjoy the hours of walking it’ll need to keep it happy!

    They are very trainable and great fun to play with.

  3. Cute puppy, looks like he’ll enjoy hooning around your place at warp speed. You do realise that that wicker basket he’s sleeping in is going to last maybe a week, tops?

  4. I will dissent from the “ooooh so this is the practice baby” crowd. (My family and some others call that having a “furbaby” but… does that sound off to anyone else?)

    You should get a tamagotchi! It will practically be its own icon.

  5. @Matt Palmer: We’re a little bit surprised about this, but so far he doesn’t seem like much of a chewer… or did you mean that he’s going to grow? :-)

  6. I have a puppy that looks a lot like Po when he was a puppy…can you post a current picture of him? Our little girl is 2 1/2 months but is growing in brown hair under her coat though. hmmm