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“I loved you in Wall Street!”

A single scene completely redeems one of the worst films of all time…

So much awesome.

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  1. What we have here is a failure to understand the crowning awesomeness that is Charlie Sheen. Next you’ll be saying that you don’t understand why people like Three and a Half Men.

    – Chris

  2. Absolutely the deepest, funniest joke ever put on film in my opinion. For those of you who don’t understand, here is the the explanation:

    Charlie Sheen is spoofing a character from “Apocolypse Now” in the scene. The character he is spoofing was played by his father (kind of funny)

    The cutaway is Martin Sheen (his father and the actor who originally played that part that Charlie is spoofing). Martin is spoofing the iconic characther that he originally played (a little funnier, and now getting deep).

    you realize that not only are the spoofing the same part but they are actually on the same river floating towards each other. as the boats approach they both look at eath other with a “Don’t I know you?” look (funny not only because they are both spoofing the same character but because in real life they are father and son).

    Now here’s the punch line- At the same time they get the “A-Ha!” moment of recognition that they know each other from seeing the other in a classic movie “Wall Street”. This is funny on so many levels- There is no recognition because they are spoofing the same character (the easy laugh) or even that they are father and son in real lfe (the cute laugh) , the A-ha comes by recognizing each other as actors in a movie that not only were they both actually in together (BTW- playing father and son with plenty of scenes together) but one that has absolutely nothing to do with the movie they are actually in. So fuuny, so random, so deep. The perfect joke.

    @Andy P- Was there really an outtake of Emilio Esteves paddling by? I think I would have just pissed my pants laughing if they had included that (Emilio Esteves is Charlie’s brother and is also Martin Sheen’s son BTW).