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WordPress 2.7 released!

WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7 is an awesome release. The revision of the admin backend, despite being so soon after the changes in 2.5, is fantastic… particularly for “real users”. I enjoyed putting forward my blunt perspective on the issue while Matt and Jane were in the crowd at WordCamp Australia. Developers and contributors don’t hear “you’re doing the right thing” and “thank you” often enough. :-)

So, thank you WordPress hackers for another great release! (And thanks to Donncha for already working on the big merge for WordPress MU 2.7… I’m really looking forward to deploying it on GNOME Blogs.)

Plus, make sure you check out the in-yo-face download counter.

"Wordpress 2.7 is shit-hot" by Halans

"Wordpress 2.7 is shit-hot" by Halans

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  1. “Last, but certainly not least, this may be the last time you ever have to manually upgrade WordPress again. We heard how tired you were of doing upgrades for yourself and your friends, so now WordPress includes a built-in upgrade that will automatically notify you of new releases, and when you’re ready it will download them, install them, and upgrade your blog with a single click.”

    Finally… Hurrah !

  2. Is there any talk in the WordPress community of doing something to streamline this monstrous upgrade procedure? Jumping through this many hoops for an upgrade would be OK if upgrades were rare. Instead, because this is a webapp with frequent security holes, jumping through all these hoops is a frequent occurrence. It’s so bad that it drove me away from WordPress.

    I don’t know how this could be fixed–an upgrade script, perhaps, or a file hierarchy that separates the program files and the plugins–but I am surprised that WordPress still has not dealt with this.

  3. Hi … I currently host on and am running an older version of wordpress. BUT I’ve seen the revision with 2.7 and really want to upgrade.

    BUT: I’m really afraid to upgrade throught Godaddy doesn’t give any tech support and I’m scared my site which I use for my real estate business will go down.

    I’m wondering if it’s better to host it on wordpress, because I noticed one of my other blogs hosted there already automatically was upgraded, and I LOVE the 2.7 goodies.

    So…can anyone help me?

    If I move my blog to be hosted on wordpress

    1) how would I do that and
    2) wouldn’t my blog then be a SUBDOMAIN of wordpress, and wouldn’t that hurt me in the search engines?

    • @angela: You can use your own domain with Just set up a blog normally, then go through the nicely documented process to switch to your own domain. Definitely worth trying out, because with, you don’t have to worry about upgrading it all yourself!

  4. I am looking forward to se wordpress mu 2.7… It is one of the biggest releases I have ever seen :) I am hosting in Sweden and are testing the first release of buddypress and want the new 2.7 and Buddypress be my big release after new year!!!

    Nice Work!