More mainstream media love for OpenAustralia

Totally awesome to see Matthew Moore covering OpenAustralia‘s efforts to bring the register of members’ interests to the web:

Given the fortunes spent in the nation’s Parliament, and Kevin Rudd’s professed desired for more transparency in government, it seems absurd that volunteers are left to do the job any self-respecting parliament would have done long ago.

via Interests of MPs to go online – it’s about time.

WordPress 2.7 released!

WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7 is an awesome release. The revision of the admin backend, despite being so soon after the changes in 2.5, is fantastic… particularly for “real users”. I enjoyed putting forward my blunt perspective on the issue while Matt and Jane were in the crowd at WordCamp Australia. Developers and contributors don’t hear “you’re doing the right thing” and “thank you” often enough. :-)

So, thank you WordPress hackers for another great release! (And thanks to Donncha for already working on the big merge for WordPress MU 2.7… I’m really looking forward to deploying it on GNOME Blogs.)

Plus, make sure you check out the in-yo-face download counter.

"Wordpress 2.7 is shit-hot" by Halans

"Wordpress 2.7 is shit-hot" by Halans

Recursive get with lftp

If you’re trying to figure out how to recursively download a directory with lftp, the wonderful command-line FTP and SFTP client, this is what you want:

mirror <directory>

… and that’s that. Hopefully this will be more helpful to someone than the current Google documentation results. ;-)

Update: Thanks to molok in the comments, here’s how you upload recursively:

mirror -R <directory>