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  1. Neutraface, with an altered Q.

    In the real logo, there’s also some alteration to the Os (thinner and more circular, to fit the 007 diagonal), the E and F (centering the middle stem), and a larger S at the start of “Solace”.

    Of course, Obama’s signature typeface is Gotham, but I stuck to Neutraface for the Bond LOLs in this image. ;-)

  2. Except he didn’t win by a landslide. 52% of the popular vote is not a landslide. Fucking George Bush won with 51% of the vote and no one called that a landslide. Don’t misunderstand me; I am happy that Obama won. I would just like to see a little more honesty in the celebration.

  3. @jim: The linked image was the original size of the photo I had, so that’s as large as I made it… Yeah, Neutraface (and pretty much all good fonts) is not free/Free.

    @Nathan: It was undoubtedly an electoral college landslide however, if you consider the states he won. I’m not sure that pure, unadulterated, loveless “honesty” makes for good humour, anyway.