Intriguing sessions at WordCamp Australia…

If you’re missing out on WordCamp Australia this weekend, you might really be missing out! A bunch of sessions that will be of particular interest to WordPress fans (and fans of all things new and groovy) have snuck their way into the published schedule, including:

  • “Launch: Prologue Groups” at 11:05 on Saturday, from Sam Bauers and Jane Wells
  • A “Special Presentation” at 13:30 on Saturday, from an undisclosed speaker
  • “Launch: Secret Product!” at 10:05 on Sunday, from Alex Shiels
  • Certain titles that may or may not suggest other project releases…

Might we see a live WordPress 2.7 release? Perhaps we’ll see some of the goodies previewed in Ranaan Bar-Cohen’s recent “Seven Tips for Virtual Collaboration” presentation… of course, you’ll never-never know if you never-never go.

I will be there. Wearing green. ;-)

Bonus: Crikey Blogs is now featured on WordPress Showcase!


Somewhere out there is a person with enough gumption and perseverance to write a Venus filter that would strip Planets of idiotic memes using some kind of clever heuristic or learning system. Perhaps we can call this the immoral study of “eumemics”. :-)

Because this would just be cheating:

exclude = (the nearest book)

WordCamp Australia 2008

WordCamp Australia 2008 will be held in Sydney at the end of the month, right before OSDC… and I intend to celebrate my first WordCamp by giving a talk!

Yes, I will dimly glow next to such bright stars in the universe of WordPress as Matt Mullenweg and Jane Wells (who is kicking butt with the WordPress 2.7 admin redesign), as I present an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the recently launched Australian ├╝ber-blog-network, Crikey Blogs. :-)

WordPress lovers and the blog-curious should come along and join the fun!

The Amazing Emanuel Brothers

President-Elect Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was the inspiration for The West Wing’s #1 White House hottie, Josh Lyman.

(Interesting aside: After serving as Deputy Chief of Staff to Leo McGarry through President Bartlet’s administration, Josh Lyman became Chief of Staff under President Matt Santos at the end of the series. The eerie similarities between Obama’s reality and The West Wing’s storyline continue…)

Ari Emanuel was the inspiration for Entourage’s hilarious super-agent, Ari Gold.

Ezekiel Emanuel is a medical ethicist.

Screenwriters, start your engines!

Yeah, perhaps the Emanuel family won’t be scoring a hat trick. :-)

Update: Jonathan informs me that the Emanuel brothers were interviewed by Charlie Rose this week. Now to find it online!

A Change is Gonna Come

I was born by the river
In a little tent
And just like the river
I’ve been running ever since

It’s been a long, long time coming
But I know a change gonna come
Oh, yes it is

It’s been too hard living
But I’m afraid to die
I don’t know what’s up there beyond the sky

It’s been a long, long time coming
But I know a change gonna come
Oh, yes it will

Then I go to my brother
I say brother help me please
But he winds up knocking me
Back down on my knees

There’s been times that I thought
I wouldn’t last for long
But now I think I’m able to carry on
It’s been a long, long time coming
But I know a change is gonna come
Oh, yes it will

— Sam Cooke, A Change is Gonna Come

Thank you to all my friends in the USA, at both ends of the political spectrum… and thank you to Barack Obama and everyone who participated in this historic campaign. It’s a giant first leap to renew America’s image throughout the world, and there are so many of us who couldn’t be more excited that you’re back on track.

The idea of America is amazing. That a country and people of such breadth and depth hangs together as a democracy is incredible. It has been so disappointing to see that idea dragged through the mud for the last eight years, but tonight was wonderful and uplifting.

… and hopeful. There, I said it. :-)