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YouTube Four

I like Blizzard’s latest gimmick… memebait that is actually interesting. :-) Here’s my YouTube Four, care of the very appropriately named Firefox Awesome Bar:

… and a bonus one because I can’t resist. But also because 5 is a much cooler number than 4. I don’t know what Chris has been smoking.

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  1. I saw BLizzard’s post about it too, but for some reason the Easter egg in Firefox 3.0.3 (Mozilla’s code, not from the repos) flat doesn’t work for me. I assume an extension must be breaking the feature, but I wish I could get a set of vids to post. Cute vids, though.

    Btw, I tried to post a comment with my website info but even with making sure I’m logged into the blog I’m getting an error that I need to log into and try posting my comment again. Not sure why this is happening but I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

  2. If your comment was to me, Viper, I was saying I couldn’t get my own quartet of YT vids to post on my blog. That’s what’s borked for me. :(