links for 2007-11-17

Update: It has been pointed out by helpful commenters that my Google-assisted Spanish is shockingly bad. Touché. ¿Soy caliente busca mi maestro español? Something like that. ;-)

Update: Xan notes there’s a crucial problem in the previous sentence that could get me into trouble, and suggests: Estoy buscando a mi cachonda profesora de español. Thanks, Xan!

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  1. The correct sentence in spanish is:
    “Sigo buscando mis pantalones” or “Aún estoy buscando mis pantalones”
    (I am still looking for my pants)

    PS: I didnt know that “Pants have a tendency to disappear in Latin America”

  2. Your Spanish is nice :) but the correct expression is:

    “Sigo buscando mis pantalones”

    Sigo buscando = I’m still looking for

    mis pantalones = my pants