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Given the feature list for WordPress 2.3 and the very strong warnings that came with every pre-release, I figured I should actually test this upgrade before going live.

So I did my usual process of importing the tarball into my bzr branch of mainline and merging with my customised perkypants.org branch (I really ought to document this some time — using bzr is such a massive time-saver!), but this time I did a trial upgrade on my local web server instead of pushing directly to the production site.

I ran the database upgrade script. Uneventful.

The category page included a conversion tool to switch categories to tags. I’ve been using categories as if they were tags for a while now, so I converted a whole bunch. Uneventful.

All my plugins were compatible, though I removed one in favour of the internal canonical permalinks support. Uneventful.

At this point I decided to push to the production server and migrate the other WordPress sites I administer, Pia’s blog and the Liberty Theatre blog. Uneventful.

So, does this mean I regard the WordPress 2.3 release as uneventful?

No way, it’s totally sweet! Another great incremental release with lots of under-the-bonnet improvements. I particularly like the Atom feed and publishing support (though I do wish the WP hackers would bite the bullet and switch to Atom by default — I like Internet standards more than Internet soap operas).

But the upgrade was blissfully uneventful. :-)

Thanks again, WordPress hackers!

Australian Open Source Industry & Community Census 2007

Last week Pia and I launched the Australian Open Source Industry & Community Census, through which we aim to gather solid numbers about the local Open Source industry and community, and turn some perceptions around in the process.

If you’re an Aussie FLOSS contributor (no matter how far or how wide you roam) or if your company sells, services or supports Open Source related technologies in the Australian market, this is for you!

There’s heaps of information on the website and in the announcement.

Stand up and be counted!

Meanwhile, we’re just about to leave for Darwin, the first stop on our “Meet the Open Source Industry” roadshow. Incredibly (or at least to us), Darwin has had the highest number of registrations so far. Rock on!

“Meet the Open Source Industry” Roadshow 2007

“Meet the Open Source Industry” Roadshow 2007

Later this month Pia and I will begin a trek around the nation to host “Meet the Open Source Industry” breakfasts in every capital city. Yes, yes, all of them — Darwin and Hobart included! :-)

“Meet the Open Source Industry” Roadshow 2007

While we’re doing this to promote our Australian Open Source Industry & Community Census project (which you’ll hear more about soon, but you can read about some of it on our website already), we also wanted to make it useful for the whole industry, by educating potential business and government customers about Open Source and showing off our local talent. That’s how we roll!

So, come along for the breakfast and networking action! Make sure you RSVP so we can cater appropriately.

If you’d like us to introduce you during our presentation — and give your company or product a plug! — please send a 1024×768 slide for display, and let us know which city we’ll see you in. Our contact details are on the Waugh Partners website.

(Note: To support our rocking industry association, we’re only going to plug OSIA members. If you provide Open Source solutions and/or services, and you’re not a member… join OSIA today!)