Mako joins the FSF Board!

A very welcome surprise: Mako will be reducing the average age of the Free Software Foundation Board of Directors, after the recent resignation of long-serving director Eben Moglen (and the likely departure of Lawrence Lessig in the near future).

Sadly, Mako will be leaving the SFI board, but I’m sure his involvement in the FSF will bring the organisations even closer. Congratulations, Mako!

There’s an ever-growing list of things to celebrate on Software Freedom Day this year!

Update: Clarify Larry’s status on the FSF board.

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  1. Congratulations, Mako!

    But you wrote that Eben Moglan and Lawrence Lessig resigned from the Board of Directors. Is this true? I only know that Eben has resigned and Larry is still listed as a member.

  2. No, Larry is still on the board. Eben (according to the FSF website) is not on the board. Larry said recently, at iSummit and on his blog, that he would be resigning ALL of the boards he is on except for iCommons and Creative Commons. He also said that he would do it in the next “months” when the time was right.

    I suspect Larry has a few open projects with the FSF and will want to wrap those up before he resigns.