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  1. CHECK THAT OUT: Rich Tennant even gets the trademark capitalisation correct… and if comedy artist guy can, ANYONE CAN! SLACKERS! :-D

  2. The joke would have been lost on some quantity of viewers (i.e. those who don’t already see gnome’s obnoxcaps as a joke) if he hadn’t.

    I’m proud to say that I’ve never seen any internal Sun docs which used the obnoxcaps in this case. And this is in the company which literally owns the concept of stupid, opaque, transigent acronyms.

    – Chris

  3. Those “obnoxcaps” are part of a trademark, and I have yet to see Sun do the wrong thing with our trademark in public. Grind your axe and curse the name all you want. But when you do… you’ll spell it correctly!