QoTD: Miguel de Icaza

“Implement a Gtk# widget that brings the Office-like ribbons to Gtk#. Focus is on managed widgets, not in C-based widgets.” — Miguel de Icaza, Mono Summer of Code ideas (emphasis mine).

Go team. :-(

It’s also pretty sad that they’re pursuing data binding at the Gtk# level, rather than helping deliver it to all users of GTK+. Let’s strengthen our platform message, dudes, not splinter it.

E is for Europe

This is why it’s clear to me that the E in GUADEC still stands for Europe:

While some folks are trying to widen the scope by appealing to the faux fairness of sharing, I think the evidence pins true fairness smack bang in the middle of Europe!

You can trust me on this, because I’m totally unbiased about it: I’m one of the dots on the east coast of Australia, and have to fly at least 8 hours to get anywhere interesting. Notice how that so neatly rules out Perth and New Zealand. ;-)

That’s why I kickstarted GNOME.conf.au in 2004, and encourage communities around the world to create their own GNOME events for users and contributors. Aside from being a heck of a lot of fun, it’s a very important way to grow GNOME.

Which is precisely why we invest so much time and money into our face to face meetings, right?

Missing you at BOSSA

Unfortunately I’m not in Brazil for BOSSA this week due to illness — not even healthy enough to argue with my doctor about it. Missing Brazil again! Gah. :-( I wouldn’t normally announce my non-presence at a conference here, but it looks like I’m still on the agenda, and a few people have pinged me to catch up during the event.

For those in Recife this week, have fun at BOSSA, the INdT folks certainly put together an awesome conference!

GNOME mail services feedback wanted

I’ve been very happy with GNOME’s mail services since performing major repairs in July… List administrators have had less spam to moderate, owners of gnome.org mail aliases have received less spam, we’ve had a consistent list turnaround time of between 3 and 5 seconds, and it has required significantly less day-to-day attention. Very satisfying.

However, there have been some reports over the last couple of weeks regarding the GNOME mail services exhibiting “suboptimal behaviour”, mostly related to list email being marked as low-risk spam and stuck in moderation. An inconvenience more than anything, but not one that I want to expose to our ever-vigilant list admins or eager list participants.

So, if you have any feedback about GNOME mail services (preferably your own experiences), please comment on this post, or send a message to the gnome-infrastructure list. Thanks!

QoTD: Emmanuele Bassi

“So, waiting for Project Ridley to come to the rescue is not going to cut it anymore: if you are proposing to move some functionality from a library to GLib or GTK+ be prepared to work on the whole code and not only on your pet feature.” — Emmanuele Bassi, Of Angels and Angles on improving the GTK+/GNOME platform

Platform hacking has been culturally unsexy since GNOME 2.0, but in recent times, has become one of the most important and exciting areas of the project. There are also lots of jobs around for great GNOME platform hackers, so if you want to earn a crust doing cool GNOME hacking, these are the skills to have.