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Cheney in Sydney

“[The Premier of New South Wales] said state firearms regulations had been amended to allow Mr Cheney’s US Secret Service bodyguards to carry firearms during the visit because the vice president’s security was of paramount concern.”Protesters warned over VP violence

Good to see we’re adapting our wonderfully stringent firearm laws to make sure the US Secret Service can keep Cheney from shooting our citizens.

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Glynn runs for OGB

“I have never built my own kernel.” — Glynn Foster, The Face of Sun Microsystems

There’s a story behind my nickname for Glynn, which goes back to Sun’s first steps into the GNOME community. Even though a few Sun folks had been scoping out the project for a while, in the very early stages of their participation, Sun in general seemed every bit the wallflower at the school formal. The Sun developers just weren’t dancing. They were huddling around the edges of the floor, shuffling their feet and staring into their cups.

Then along came Glynn. He could do the Mashed Potato. He put a face to the faceless corporation, and slowly brought the other desktop hackers out from their cubes.

He achieved the very best thing a corporation participating in an Open Source project could hope for: He became one of us. Not just a Sun guy working on GNOME, but a GNOME guy.

So during my talk about GNOME 2.0 at 2003, I put Glynn’s ugly mug on the big screen and proclaimed that henceforth, he would be known as… The Face of Sun Microsystems.

The OpenSolaris Governance Board would benefit greatly from what Glynn has learned and achieved over the last five or so years in GNOME. He’s also an awesome dude, and communities really need awesome dudes.

Thanks, Glynn. :-)

The Face of Sun Microsystems

Good Work

I bumped into an ex-girlfriend’s father the other week. With him was said ex-girlfriend’s fiance, who I hadn’t met. Nor was I aware anyone had acquired this status. Anyway, during introductions as this fact was revealed, I said, “Oh, good work. Nice to meet you.”

Good work?!

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