Stranded in… Somewhere

Where the hell am I? Apparently, I’m in St Louis.

The flight from San Francisco to St Louis was delayed by an hour or so, so I missed the connection to Columbus by 15 minutes. So, it looks like I’ve put my trust in US domestic air travel for the last time. Lesson learned. In future, I will not plan my itinerary to arrive the day before I need to be there — maybe I’ll just turn up a week ahead, and muck around a bit.

I called the Ohio LinuxFest organisers — to adapt, they’re swapping Chris DiBona into my keynote slot (ha ha!), and me into his regular talk slot after lunch, hopefully to the chagrin of Ted Haegar (ha ha!). Aside from the bummer of not being able to do the keynote slot, I will miss Jorge’s talk, which I was really looking forward to.

Finally, my bag was checked to Columbus and hasn’t turned up in St Louis at all, so I won’t even have clean clothes to wear on the flight… and they’re not even sure if my bag will be available when I land in Columbus. I can warn you now: My non-keynote keynote is going to stink!

Ha ha. Ugh. ;-)

Ohio LinuxFest 2006

Tomorrow, I’ll be giving the opening keynote at the Ohio LinuxFest! Then I’ll be listening to Jorge’s presentation about Linux and Windows living together in harmony. Sweet!

Ohio LinuxFest 2006

The organisers have packed a lot of great stuff and fantastic people into one day. Unfortunately, I land in Columbus after 21:00, so it’s unlikely that I’ll make it to the pre-conference party tonight. Sydney → San Francisco → St Louis → Columbus. Insanity!

Post Ohio, it’s Boston Summit time. Rock!


You do realize that searching for “christ on a stick” the way you’ve done only checks if all the words are present somewhere in the description, right? They don’t need to be contiguous, and they aren’t in libmail-audit-perl’s case.

Torsten, no, I did not realise that!

I thought libmail-audit-perl actually invoked The Messiah, attached to a piece of wood (such as a surf board, or commemorative plaque) in an effort to filter email.

Now that I know libmail-audit-perl does not function as advertised, my confidence in Perl and CPAN is utterly destroyed.

Clearly, Python and Ruby are the languages of choice for all discerning Revelationists.

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What’s wrong with software

$ apt-cache search powerful | wc -l

$ apt-cache search flexible | wc -l

$ apt-cache search loving | wc -l


$ apt-cache search christ on a stick | wc -l


$ apt-cache search christ on a stick
libmail-audit-perl - Perl library for creating easy mail filters


Serious miniconf action!

We just pushed out a fresh press release, New format, more miniconfs for 2007, detailing some of what we’re doing to cope with the enormous demand for the conference.

We’ve had over 250 submissions for talks, tutorials and miniconfs this year. Of course, most of our growth strategies were planned over a year ago (aside from the number of miniconfs), but we weren’t going to say that in the press release. ;-)

So, what will attendees get to see on the first two days of 2007? The most awesome array of miniconfs ever, that’s what!

  • Debian: Ever present and always popular, the Debian miniconf focuses on the world’s largest community developed operating system.

  • Education: For educators and technologists interested in the use of Open Source in education.

  • Embedded: A showcase of amazing devices with Linux at their heart, and a fine opportunity to share and learn about this fast-growing topic.

  • Gaming: Bringing game developers together to promote Open Source games, and Open Source in game development.

  • A meeting of the minds for developers and users of GNOME, a desktop environment and developer platform.

  • Movies: Covering the increasing uptake of Open Source solutions in film production, in imaging and infrastructure.

  • MySQL: Presenting practical applications of MySQL and related software, through tutorials and developer discussion.

  • Case studies, workshops, demonstrations and tutorials about the FLOSS world’s answer to Microsoft Office.

  • PostgreSQL: Introductory and advanced topics for database administrators working with PostgreSQL and developers keen to learn about the code.

  • Research: Presentation of papers, case studies and workshops relating to Open Source in Australian research.

  • LinuxChix: Celebrating achievements in the Free Software world by women, and presenting some of their experiences.

  • Kernel: Lots of kernel developers getting together to teach and perform their black arts. Presentations will range from introductory to scary.

  • Virtualisation: A huge topic in the Open Source world over the last year or two, this will cover virtualisation projects, problems and solutions.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? HFSNW!

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