1. That ad is on highway 101 northbound, just after the Ralston exit, in Redwood City, CA.

    I took the picture from my cellphone cam going 70 mph. :) No idea who paid to put it up, but my guess is Canonical is probably involved.

  2. If it’s the sign I drove past today, it’s just outside Palo Alto/Mountain View, on US101, heading north toward SFO.

  3. The “(Servers and)” scribble looks very afterthought or graffiti. Perhaps this was done by actual people? (-:

  4. I passed that on my way home from work a week or so ago — got a kick out of it. :) That stretch of 101 seems to attract a broader variety of billboards than the usual “you are inadequate, buy this product” sort.

  5. IMO I don’t think it was a good idea to like-additionaly place “servers” before “humans”. It makes it look like the “unknown” person thought Ubuntu is not suitable primarily for people. Placing “servers” after “people” would be a better marketing act making it look like Ubuntu is so good that while-being user-friendly it is ALSO capable of server operation. Server admins don’t look for OS on billboards while normal users can IMO.

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